We employ the same standards of safety, quality, and precision in health care applications as we do in our traditional markets.

Currier Plastics provides IVD, pharma, and other medical markets with a full range of value-added capabilities including design, blow molding and injection molding – all at one location. Our specialty in reagent packaging provides medical market customers with four critical competencies:


We work closely with your team at the conceptual stage of your product to provide direction for the molded part design, material performance selection and best packaging method for the product.


We move into the prototype stage with single cavity molds to prove the concept functions as designed and enables design changes to be made quickly for faster results.


We source high precision/tight tolerance production tooling to produce parts as designed without defect in a cleanroom environment.


Our quality assurance team is integrated into every step of the development process, collaborating with our process engineers on every molded component.

You can rely on Currier Plastics and eliminate the need for multiple supply chain channels, a critical consideration for manufacture of diagnostic and interventional products that must be consistent without exception. Because we design and manufacture both closures and the containers, we control the total package so you have a reduced risk of quality issues.

This also gives us speed without compromising quality. Performing design, injection and blow molding all in one place gives us exceptional responsiveness. Our quality assurance team and engineers can quickly identify issues and make changes with as little downtime as possible.

In an industry where volume, efficiency, and perfection are vital, Currier confidently offers the ideal skillset.

The instrumentation market includes a variety of structural plastic sizes. These sizes can range from smaller hand-held products to larger mainframe-style dimensions.

Currier has been manufacturing amenities for decades and refined its process to accommodate the IVD, pharma, and medical markets that require reagent-ready bottles, tubes, and trays.

The Currier approach to instrumentation products includes process control, sensors, meters and other measuring devices. With many different size requirements, our customers feel that our wide range of injection molding machines gives them the opportunity to develop new products lines effectively. As a customer-driven company, we expand capabilities as they are needed. Our IVD services can easily extend to biomedical and biological engineering applications.